microBox is a Arduino library that provides a interface with Linux Shell like look and feel for Arduino applications. With microBox own commands and application parameters are made accessible to the user within a virtual Linux filesystem tree. The parameters can easily be accessed by Linux standard commands.

The user can navigate within the virtual filesystem with cd and ls like in a Linux Shell. The commands cat, cd, echo, exit, loadpar, ll, ls, savepar, watch and watchcsv are available in microBox. Own commands can simply be added via callbacks. The new commands appear in /bin like the builtin ones. Application parameters are found inside /dev. These parameters are completely user defined. They enable access to variables of the Arduino application and support the datatypes int, double and string.

microBox features a builtin command history and a basic autocompletion (via tab) for commands and parameters. Furthermore a microBox variant with support for esp8266 WiFi-modules exists. It comes with a password protected login functionality. Both variants have telnet support.

The library is OpenSource and is licensed under the GPLv3.